Hi! Long time no see

2014-07-18 13:46:25 by Memoody

Hi guys!!! Its been so long ever since I was on here! ( Sorry for being a noob back then, I didn't know better )

So now, I just have trouble making flashes, But its all good bro ( XD ).


I do not know why, But sometimes I get super emotinal, and there is always reasons.

So anyway, At least I have internet friends, But IRL friends... Only 2.


So see ya'll later! ~Megan / Memo :)


Okay.... So now what?

2013-07-02 22:15:55 by Memoody

Well that was failing my flashes don't seem to go in!! Does anyone know how to make proper working flashes?!!

I sort of had problems and my awesome flashes disapeared so I have to remake them it took me 2 months! GOD!! SO yeah my thyroid surgery failed which meaning that I forgot something so I have to have it this year... D: Everything else is fine execpt when we started having ants in our house! D: So yeah... After all Im working on a new subject in art here: Ojamajo DoReMi, Sailor Moon, Spongebob, and other characters....
Making post number 2 soon :D


Hello! :)

2012-06-17 20:52:13 by Memoody

Hello Fellow Ladys and Gentleman!

I am back! but....BUT!.... I have bad news :( I will get surgery on my thyroid,eye, and i have to wear braces! D: I wont be on alot but atleast my flash for this gamesite is coming!

Hello Citizens!

2011-11-21 19:16:40 by Memoody

hello guys i have some things to say:
i am getting help making a cartoon about marios adventures and life so
i might have to wait a few days

two of course


Some bad news

2011-07-18 23:11:48 by Memoody

So today at 11:00 PM today i discovered something today

Woozworld was not loading just staying the same today

Ourworld too!

Support : Comment me to see what was wrong

I looked in the "start" button so i clicked it and i did a hard restart it didn't work at all!

Support tommorow at 12:00 pm noon okay Memoody Logining out see ya! :)

Some bad news